ParkerVision, Inc. (NASDAQ:PRKR)

CAPS Rating: 1 out of 5

The Company is in the business of designing, developing and marketing its proprietary wireless radio frequency technologies for use in semiconductor circuits for wireless radio applications.


Player Avatar TerryHogan (99.95) Submitted: 9/12/2012 10:22:29 PM : Underperform Start Price: $2.74 PRKR Score: +12.39

Lets see - 1. Zero Revenue - Check! 2. Burning through cash like an Ecuadorian stuck in an Alaskan bank vault during a zombie apocalypse - Check! 3. CEO being sued for Fraud - Check! 4. Issuing huge amounts of stock just to stay afloat - Check! Wow, looks like a great place to put my money! Who are the idiots buying this piece of troll-er trash?

Member Avatar 80brown (99.86) Submitted: 11/9/2012 12:35:44 PM
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