Player Avatar ratskins (82.19) Submitted: 1/28/2007 4:55:27 PM : Outperform Start Price: $49.30 PVH Score: +93.92

PVH makes Calvin Klein underwear. Yuck!
OK...I will overcome my distaste and look at the fundamentals. No increase in dividends in the last 12 years. So what is there to like? How about 50% debt reduction of the last 2 years? How about profit margins increasing 600% since 2002? How about 116% annual compounded earnings over the last five years? Sounds great, but they have also substantially diluted their stock...a big minus. Still, the shares are available at a deep discount to intrinsic value so I'm going to say this is definitely worth picking up as of 1/28/07 when you weight all factors in balance.

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