Player Avatar TempoAllegro (29.07) Submitted: 2/15/2013 2:12:40 AM : Outperform Start Price: $64.95 QCOM Score: -13.14

One of those stocks I keep putting on the back burner, I wish I had stuck to my guns and bought in at a lower price. Two points to focus on here - Qualcomm is well-known for its excellent research and development, and those patents are all over the world of cell phones, whatever the type. The other point to notice is that QCOM does not only supply Apple, but also Android-operating phones, so that puts them in the nice position of winning out no matter who wins the smart phone wars.

If Qualcomm has done the work to ensure it gets its cut almost regardless of who you buy your cell phone from, I think it's worth a little more work on my part as an investor to dig in and get my cut by purchasing shares of Qualcomm at a reasonable price.

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