Rogers Sugar Income (NASDAQOTH:RSGUF)

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This pick is speculative, the bet is as commodities prices rise, for instance the sudden boom in wheat prices, domestic sugar will follow. Canada is a perfect secondary source for sugar. The sugar market should remain stable at worst.The dividend (12.64) makes this a very attractive position as well.For those that don't know this is a Canadian sugar refiner. The Group's principal activity is to refine, processes, distribute and market sugar products in Western Canada. The Group has two sugar processing facilities, a cane sugar refinery in Vancouver, British Columbia and a sugar beet processing facility in Taber, Alberta. The sugar products are marketed primarily under the "Rogers" trade name, and include granulated, icing, cube, yellow and brown sugars, liquid sugars and specialty sugars and syrups. The Group operates in Canada, the United States and other countries.

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Member Avatar rodgerreno (78.57) Submitted: 1/26/2010 6:08:35 PM
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i heard that the new thing is to add sugar to salt to deice roads.i didn't follow up on the article so i can't give you any usable numbers,but the biggest use for salt is n't for flavoring food. it is for deicing.

Member Avatar rodgerreno (78.57) Submitted: 1/26/2010 6:52:42 PM
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i looked up the sugar thing on the looks like green thing that turns waste from sugar processing to road deicer.still if you can sell your waste rather than pay for waste removel,that has to be a positive for sugar co.maybe negative for motley fool recomemded salt producer since there is a patten out for using only waste sugar product,which is cheaper and easier on equipment.salt much cheaper in future because of oversupply.

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