RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NASDAQ:RXII)

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Uses known Stock promoter RedChips to pump and dump.

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Member Avatar Allstar13913 (99.84) Submitted: 3/6/2012 2:52:52 AM
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Also has a Stage III cancer drug trial that will fail horribly. An amalgamation of 2 previous failed BIopharma companies.


Member Avatar GrizWin (< 20) Submitted: 4/20/2012 12:44:59 PM
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This is niche market. Only about 10% of breast cancer patients would be candidates to use this treatment. That said, the treatment is ongoing so they would be repeat "customers". The real question is will they find it effective in combination with hercepton? If it does improve outcomes then Roche wins because they just extended the patents with a "new" drug and obviously Gale wins.

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