Satcon Technology Corp (NASDAQOTH:SATCQ)

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The Company designs and manufactures enabling technologies and products for electrical power conversion and control for performance, efficiency applications in growth markets such as alternative energy, hybrid electric vehicles etc.


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The following from sums it up:

“Second quarter sales of $27.6 million represented the largest quarter in Satcon’s history, reaching revenues over two and a half times greater than what we reported in the same period a year ago,” said Rhoades. “We also grew gross margin to 21 percent, a significant improvement over last quarter’s 14 percent, fueled by the transfer of our primary manufacturing to our lower cost facility in Shenzhen, China, which we completed during the second quarter.”

Bookings for the first half of 2010 totaled $123 million -- 506 megawatts of orders for Satcon’s products, with 39 percent of that demand coming from North America, 25 percent from Europe and 36 percent from Asia Pacific.

That works out to $0.243 per watt for large-scale inverters.

As of June 30, 2010, the company's backlog was $82 million -- 43 percent from Asia, 42 percent from North America with 15 percent from Europe. Backlog as of August 3, 2010 totaled $111 million, of which about 90 percent is currently expected to ship this calendar year.

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Excellent information. Thanks for posting. I have always been averse to investing in green tech companies because its easy to find the wrong one and lose your principal but this company sounds like its on the right path.

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