EchoStar Corp. (NASDAQ:SATS)

CAPS Rating: 3 out of 5


Player Avatar DJoshuaRubin (98.40) Submitted: 11/26/2010 9:23:41 AM : Underperform Start Price: $20.57 SATS Score: -65.18

Possibly the most consciously evil company on the planet. Outright threat to the validity of patents is a threat to our entire way of life. Very repugnant and abusing the legal system to flagrantly is bound to bite them in the arse.

More On EchoStar’s Questionable Litigation Tactics - On the Docket - Inside the courtroom - Forbes

Member Avatar baselineace (< 20) Submitted: 1/20/2011 6:44:36 PM
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Worse than Monsanto?

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