Seaworld Entertainment, Inc. (NYSE:SEAS)

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Player Avatar Crystalball (95.03) Submitted: 3/13/2014 2:03:13 PM : Underperform Start Price: $32.50 SEAS Score: +60.96

I've never shorted a company for ethical reasons, but I will do so with SEAS. Whales are way too intelligent to be confined in tiny shallow pools-- as if they committed the worse crime imaginable. This type of business is just despicable.

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Member Avatar MitchBoxx (60.12) Submitted: 3/21/2014 1:00:26 PM
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So, all the animal rescue and nursing back to health and then releasing back to the wild doesn't matter. If you were to close Seaworld do you have any idea how many animals would die? They do a huge amount of animal rescues. I don't think your looking at the whole picture. Check what they do and the oil spill rescues or hurricanes. They do a lot more than what you realize. So, you want 100's of animals to die?

Member Avatar Crystalball (95.03) Submitted: 4/1/2014 6:00:15 PM
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I would reevaluate Seaworld if they closed the whale shows. Until then -- its a short.

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