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The Company manufactures, distributes and supplies industrial products in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering, precision mechanics as well as related sectors of engineering.


Player Avatar FailTuringTest (24.83) Submitted: 11/10/2008 3:49:21 PM : Outperform Start Price: $53.36 SIEGY Score: -9.74

Siemens is a big, diversified engineering company with many niches. Well-capitalised and well-positioned to take advantage of likely infrastructure spending by Keynesian-minded governments. P/E and yield look good. I got interested because of their work in wind power, they are one of the few companies manufacturing blades for wind turbines. Siemens is a solid company and a good long-term bet to recover its value, but be prepared to hold for a while.

Member Avatar freestockangel (< 20) Submitted: 1/3/2010 12:39:04 AM
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downward momentum !

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