The J.M. Smucker Company (NYSE:SJM)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5

The Company operates principally in one industry, the manufacturing and marketing of branded food products on a worldwide basis, although the majority of the Company's sales are in the United States.


Player Avatar TMFJMo (72.27) Submitted: 6/6/2013 3:39:07 PM : Outperform Start Price: $94.70 SJM Score: -19.03

Virtually every pantry in the US has something made by these guys. This by no means lights the world on fire, but it's a well-managed company with a good record of outperforming the market over long periods of time and that's partly thanks to the 2.1% and rising dividend yield. Looking for a holding for 5+ years? This is one to consider and I said so today on Investor Beat.

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Member Avatar stockdissector (52.15) Submitted: 6/7/2013 1:37:12 PM
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You picked a good day to add this to your Caps list! As I write this the stock is up nearly 3%. Market corrections don't last for long these days! It's best to take advantage of them while you can.

Member Avatar stockdissector (52.15) Submitted: 6/7/2013 1:40:13 PM
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The Smucker family also still controls 3% of the company.

Member Avatar EvanBuck (99.84) Submitted: 7/27/2013 2:19:32 AM
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Nice pitch. :) Check out an article I wrote about Smucker's on the Foolish Blogging Network - I think you'll like it.

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