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Global Tension are climbing, causing oil to be expensive, I think also that market up too faster, may be due to much leverage or optimism, I only missed earning everywhere, high oil, bad news, a Dow Jones inflated from my perspective, the high oil price and weak employment is enough reason, due to tensions, to not believe in the actual optimism, but is just my perspective, may be I am missing something, but in general I see the great business struggling to beat estimates, and taking too much debt.

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Member Avatar Speculatormaster (< 20) Submitted: 2/12/2013 10:35:24 PM
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Today I found an interesting link I want to post:


My personal opinion on the link

I think that in the case that minimum wage go up, it will make a massive damage to the economy, my theory behind this is very simple business have very strict and rigid profit margins that them have to keep or maintain for keep profitable, if something is causing the business a decline in its profit margins is only see as a expense, therefore to return to the old profit margin level is need to cut employees or give new lay-off, so if happen massive lay off then in all america, the problem of the unemployment will raise not down, is obvious, of course business will try to reduce hours to employees first, to keep the equation equal, but will mean that in less time the employees must be more efficient in their works, something that is not easy for any business.

In the short-term is obvious is detrimental to the business, may be in the long term cause some benefit, but in general I only focus in short term so for what be a liar, obviously in short-term it will cause major troubles to the business. I am very worried for another simple reason, in 2007 the minimum wage was up also, and what happens, from there until today , only one thing major un-employment and also major inflation. I can't believe how fast the inflation is affecting the economy that now in only six year, the USA have to obligate business to up again the minimum wage to compensate again vs the inflation!!!!!

What is very very very sad in USA, and cause me extreme pain is when business give lay-off when profit margin raise, that thing happen very very common in USA, just look for (BCS) and then look for news about that, is sad very sad, I think that give lay-off when profit margins up in any business must be illegal, that not fair, the economy of the USA, USA economy can be improved but not, punishing all the business with more expenses, punish the business that are not fair with its employees, that lay-off are unfair. I think lay-off need to be regulated, right now USA suffer greatly for this deficiencies in their system. And after the Federal Reserve have to deal with a system with deficiencies, and how is dealing this with free money QE3 that only cause more and more inflation, soon I bet that in less than 3 years, the minimum wage must be up again to try to keep at par with inflation.

Inflation is a criminal, just look how fast up food cost, and energy cost, and it say all, I don't believe in the statistics that give the FED about inflation, in nothing because this statistics omit much thing in their calculation, I think is like manipulated the reality. I have some friends that right now are very worry that will lose the house because don't know hot to deal with that massive inflation in energy and food cost. Are very retraced with their payment of the house. :(

Member Avatar Speculatormaster (< 20) Submitted: 3/1/2013 9:29:53 AM
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I want to post another interested link:


From my perspective, it means in few words, that people have less money, that savings accounts are going for most people in only one direction south, and that gasoline climb, no matter ho low oils go, so gasoline cost will be really high when oil star rising again, because one thing you can be sure for gasoline going down is really really, hard inclusive if oil is going down, but up the oil one buck and all the industry pass the cost at the speed of the light to the people. Ahh almost forget that consumer spending is up only by inflation in services like utilities, in few words pay more for the same services = we are in an age of extreme inflation. Dont worry the economy feel it right now and no body cares it, just wait a few month more, and no body can ignore all this problems, can't be ignored forever, patience is time for be patience

Member Avatar Speculatormaster (< 20) Submitted: 12/23/2013 8:11:45 PM
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Failed bet, there is no way to break-even, inclusive is tomorrow start a bear market , this intrument are useless, last time I invest long term in this kind of instruments.

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