Player Avatar TMFUltraLong (99.95) Submitted: 9/25/2011 1:01:01 AM : Outperform Start Price: $28.69 SLW Score: -99.87

Why wouldnt you want to own Silver Wheaton. The company has its silver contracts locked in at such absurdly low levels that anything over roughly $7 in pure profit. Newflash, the last time I checked, even after a 27% rout in the silver market, silver prices were well above $7/oz. Silver Wheaton's margins are absolutely astronomical and I suspect it will translate into big dividend gains in the not too distant future. Looking for a limit buy of $30.36.


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Member Avatar portefeuille (99.60) Submitted: 9/25/2011 3:16:39 AM
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Then again so far "in the money" the "leverage" is not too far from 1 ...

Member Avatar AWinvestments (97.74) Submitted: 12/7/2011 6:51:25 AM
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Very nice call on SLW. You got it right before it took off! I'd like to get in and it looks to be drooping down into it's 200day MA. Think this is a time to go for it or is it just consolidation as it begins to trade at a higher price? I'm in learning mode, so I appreciate your comments.

Member Avatar valuemoney (99.99) Submitted: 12/28/2011 4:14:42 PM
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If I thought silver and gold prices where 50% overvalued I would not want to own it.

Member Avatar mhonarvar (< 20) Submitted: 1/1/2012 12:08:14 PM
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If you like SLW- check out Sandstorm Gold (TSX:SSL) and Sandstorm Metal & Energy (TSX:SND).

These were both set up by Nolan Watson -former CFO of SLW. They are fairly new ventures that aim to stream gold (for SSL) and metal, coal and oil (for SND).

They both have streams producing revenues already and have the potential to replicate SLW's success.

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