Senior Hsg Pptys Tr (NYSE:SNH)

CAPS Rating: 5 out of 5

The Company is a real estate investment trust whose present business plan contemplates investments in age senior apartments, independent living properties, assisted living properties and nursing homes and encourage development of new properties.


Player Avatar mcingram1976 (65.60) Submitted: 4/8/2008 12:30:47 PM : Outperform Start Price: $15.33 SNH Score: -10.12

I needed a defensive play; because the economy is in terrible shape. I used the research wizard and forward p/e multiples reveal a potential for a $40+ stock price. I am very comfortable with their debt load and remain convinced health care reits will continue to outperform the major indexes handily over the next three years. This will be primarily due to increased medical expenses for baby boomers, hedged by medicare payments, and the fed's hands will be tied for a while as they unwind equities from subprime. I doubt we will see many interest rate hikes over the next few years.

Member Avatar croppled1 (< 20) Submitted: 12/1/2008 2:22:57 PM
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Times have changed since you first bought this . However its time to nibble . The key now is too nibble into years end 08 . Don't be discouraged this is one of the good REITS . I bought it at this level during the downturn of the tech blowup at 9 . I sold at 17 but am looking again for income with a potential solid total return . The properties here are solid . They purchased some new ones from old parent HRP that should be cash flow positive recently . This is a very solid investable company at a discount price . While it may get cheaper yet anywhere under $14 appears to be very , very attractive long term . The time to buy is when others are selling and forced tax selling is happening along with margin and redemption pressures on most stocks . We dont know how much they will overshoot on the downside but we do know there in a range to start accumulating long term and bank the dividends while you wait . SNH is very underleveraged and one of the great opertunities in this space .

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