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Engaged in coated fine paper market; explores opportunities across the broad spectrum of coated paper to utilize its experience in paper coating as well as the chemical cellulose market and to support this with a high level of economic pulp integration.


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According to Jim Cramer:
"You gotta love it when the Commerce Department puts a tariff on Chinese paper, and the former treasury secretary's private-equity firm owns a company that makes the same product Stateside...but that's just what happened. Oddly enough, that ended up helping one little paper company from South Africa.

Coated freesheet is the glossy paper used in magazines and catalogues. And Sappi Sappi Ltd while from South Africa, also happens to be the largest coated-paper maker in the U.S. - and almost all the other paper-making companies in America are private. And since Sappi has been getting killed by cheap Chinese imports, the tariff – if it goes through on June 13 – could give the company a much-needed bump, at least in the short term."

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