Sarepta Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:SRPT)

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A biopharmaceutical company developing therapeutic products principally based on third-generation NEUGENE antisense technology.


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This is a terrifying stock, because its moves tend to be so dramatic.

If you calculate its next Big Turn correctly, either on the downside or the upside, you can make out like a bandit.

The technical picture could hardly have been worse prior to Friday's big up day, but there were many hints something was brewing. It came in the form of a key analyst upgrade and a new Propaganda push beginning Friday.

I think it may continue and that the next Big Turn - Propaganda leading Technicals - may be here.

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Update on10/20/13:


Re SRPT: Talk about a "high-quality problem!"

The advocacy-parent organizations have shifted Sentiment so extraordinarily fast away from RNA and towards SRPT, they are clamoring that there be NO Placebo groups in future trials.

This is out-of-your-mind Bullish and Night Versus Day from the advocacy groups' previous stances just a few months ago.

Also clear from the presentationThursday is that SRPT will allow previous Placebo group refugees from RNA's trials to apply to be non-Placebo subjects in future SRPT tests. That RNA has apparently "released" them to do so is another Big Hint, which some analysts will interpret this way reading between the lines:

Might GSK - working fast before other bidders can get on the ball - choose to make a takeout bid for all of SRPT now, at the same time purchasing all of RNA at its current low, low, lowball valuation, and fold the two into a new division headed by Chris Garabedian?

Yes, SRPT has said repeatedly it doesn't want it.

But at the right price and incentives for management and researchers, you can make anything happen.

Ninny Baby Shorts aside, the research article that came out Tuesday - and was immediately glommed onto by the general science press around the world - makes SRPT appear maybe twice as valuable - if not more - than some believed it was before the article came out.

That's because everyone not entirely brain dead now understands that the "two additional products" Chris Garabedian talked about at Morgan Stanley and Baird will almost certainly be a Tuberculosis-related product and a Horror Virus product aimed at Marburg-Ebola-Etc.

Meanwhile, very quietly and without fanfare, Sarepta began adding in the word "Becker's" to the Duchenne blurb in its press releases. Clearly, this one is a hint that a second MD genotype protocol is in the works, and perhaps, sooner than some expect, SRPT will introduce protocols for treating many more - maybe all - MD genotypes.

The "problem" with Sarpeta as a STOCK is that there is literally TOO MUCH good news crowding in very rapidly now.

Within weeks, it should be an almost entirely "Institutional" stock, if it is not already.

Shorts were reduced by a whopping 16 percent in the last reported period - and one suspects they will now be down another 10 percent-plus in the current reporting period.

Big - i.e. Professional - Short positions are coming out very fast now, leaving the remaining Shorts in the hands of "Babies" - the "Dumb Money."

Meanwhile, watch for the next spate of SEC filings to show a very nice bump up in Institutional holdings - the "Smart Money" - with some high-profile funds having increased Long positions considerably.

Could any of these surmises be incorrect. At this point, I honestly don't think so!

Fools on the Short side need to cover and switch direction as fast as their little mouse clicks can accomplish it.

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