Syntroleum Corp (NASDAQ:SYNM.DL)

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The Company is engaged in developing and employing innovative technology to produce synthetic liquid hydrocarbons that are free of contaminants normally found in conventional products made from crude oil.


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Syntroleum develops and markets synthetic fuels. Including diesel fuels, ehating oil, aviation fuels, lubricants, etc. BP believes biofuels will eventually make up 9 percent of the global energy mix. The IEA says biofuels couldplay a fundamental role in cutting carbon dioxide emissions from transportation. The IEA wants biofuels to grow from 2 percent of total transport fuel mix currently, to 27 percent by 2050. All of these factors could have huge potential for this company. SYNM has a market cap of about $100 million making it a good candidate for acuisition. SYNM's recent secondary offering has piled shorts, and the recent insiders have purchased about 170,000 shares.

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