Target Corp (NYSE:TGT)

CAPS Rating: 3 out of 5

The country’s second-largest discount chain, Target shoots to be more upscale than rivals with a focus on design.


Player Avatar Keekers44 (78.36) Submitted: 9/5/2011 6:22:08 PM : Underperform Start Price: $45.21 TGT Score: +33.55

I hate to thumbs down this company because of why I am doing it. 1. Ever increasing extermination of the middle class(not sure what class i'm in, i'm hoping after the dust has settles, i'll be on the upper side, but most likely not). Given the choice of shopping at Target or Wal mart, people can't afford NOT to go with wal mart for the $0.50 cent savings on a package of socks... Wal mart just makes me feel poor every time I go there. Sad times, tax the rich!

Member Avatar DrGoldin (99.69) Submitted: 8/14/2012 2:14:48 AM
Recs: 2

Honestly, I find better prices at Target than I do at Walmart.

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