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When I pooh poohed Theravance almost a year ago, televancin was the lead story and it wasn't a pretty one. Televancin sales and royalties for skin infections were dismal. Meanwhile the FDA had rejected televancin for pneumonia and the company didn't appear motivated to press the issue. At that time, Relovair seemed like a back story with a plot denouement that wouldn't take place until after a major broad market correction.I seem to have been generally correct, but just barely. My market correction took longer than I anticipated, almost enough time for Relovair to launch out of the box. Enrollment is complete in the registrational trials of Relovair for asthma and for COPD, although topline data isn't anticipated until 2012. Meanwhile follow-on bronchodilators GSK73719 and GSK961081 continue enrollment in late stage trials. With every passing month Theravance looks more and more like the future pulmonary subdivision of GSK. Televancin royalties haven't improved, but in May it received a positive opinion for nosocomial pneumonia from CHMP. That means near certain EU approval for pneumonia within a few months.You might be protesting that the markets haven't experienced a "correction" yet. I'd say they've corrected enough for me to take accuracy on my red thumb. There's a strong possibility they will correct more and put my new green thumb in a 20 point hole, at which point it is very likely that Theravance will go on the GBMB watchlist for the inevitable recovery.

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Is today's market action the beginning of the end of life as we know it? Hopefully not because I just bought 1000 shares of Theravance at 21 for the GBMB. The Relovair NDA and MAA have been accepted and the clock is counting to approval decisions in the US, EU, and Japan. Applications for UMEC/Vilanterol are soon to follow. The stock is way down from recent highs near 32, the cash cushion is bouncy, and the company is near the top of my list of acquisition candidates.

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Just sold 1000 shares at 23.92 for a GBMB profit of $2900. The bump on buyout speculation was a gift ahead of FDA briefing documents which I have a certain degree of insecurity about. If the docs are positive I may miss a couple of grand in potential profit but I think I'll still be able to get back in at a good price.

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