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PCS is a growth stock because it serves a growth segment of the population...Americans with bad credit. PCS is the Dollar General of the wireless telecom space. Unlike the traditional wireless telecom services customer that passes a credit check a receives a monthly bill from their provider, PCS customers "pre-pay" for their service at kiosks within stores in metropolitan areas throughout the U.S. This takes a good deal of the complexity of billing out of the equation for PCS. It also means PCS gets paid upfront for the services it provides. Americans' need for wireless telecom services is not going away. As long as the economy limps along, PCS' no-credit-check pre-pay wireless plans are sure to be in high demand.

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Agreed, this company has slowly pushed its way into the monopolized market of the wireless telecom. They have continued to grow substantially in a very short time with continued agressive marketing and cut rate plans. I feel this is just the beginning of a very plentiful stock in the months and years to come. Just take a look at Family Dollar or Dollar General, this should be a very good indicator of where people are spending there hard earned money. The Smart/Wireless telecom giants beware, PCS is gaining.

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