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Historically speaking, for ULTA, forth quarter tends to be the most profitable quarter of the year.

Recent pullback in share price seems like an excellent opportunity to buy if one expects for this company to continue its steady growth trajectory. Remarkably, ULTA has no debt to speak of.

... "For the fourth quarter, Ulta expects earnings per share between 96–98 cents, significantly higher than 73 cents in the year-earlier quarter. Net sales are estimated in the range of $742–$754 million based on comparable store sales growth of 5% to 7%. For fiscal 2012, the company projects earnings per share in the range of $2.64–$2.66." ... source:

Here are some "Key Statistics" compared to other "specialty retailers" (an imprecise aggregate comparison) :

If one wants to compare (with better precision) to another, specific, stock of choice or up to four more ticker symbols simultaneously, Fidelity has a great (free) tool for that as well:
One can compare on any one choice of metrics:

Key Statistics
Performance & Volatility
Cash & Debt
Ownership & Trading Characteristics
Intraday Price & Volume
(look at right portion of the linked site > drop down menu titled: "Key Statistics" - That is where one can change the metrics of comparison)

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