Unilife Corp. (NASDAQ:UNIS)

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Player Avatar kamp2 (< 20) Submitted: 1/7/2011 11:46:06 AM : Underperform Start Price: $4.91 UNIS Score: +2.61

When this stock first came out I thought it was the best thing since peanut butter and I was a raging bull. A little tickling of awarding shares and restricted shares to employees, officers, scientist and the like from Australia and possibly other countries. UNIS Then moved some from Aussy. released them with a days notice and full pay! Plus has him stick around , again at full pay, wait for a replacement to be hired and moved from where ever and then to train him. Then as a parting gift give him millions of shares of stock and cash.
I'm not inferring any wrong doing. I am saying that Alan is treating his Company like a toy and it's Stock like candy. That just won't cut it in today's world. IT IS A SELL!!

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Member Avatar kamp2 (< 20) Submitted: 1/7/2011 1:38:11 PM
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One other point: it would take many accounts from both sides of the pacific to straiten this out. So, to know the restricted shares out standing, at what price and what release date. Point being, if ten's of millions of restricted shares just happen to be released in the same time period?? I am sure that there are many such horrid scenario's that one can come up with..
Regards, Kamp2

Member Avatar OklaBoston (67.80) Submitted: 7/11/2012 4:40:41 PM
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I think it might be time to end this thumbs down. The CEO bought almost 5000 shares on the open market in January. At a higher price than today's close.

Member Avatar dalemx (< 20) Submitted: 4/23/2014 8:56:55 PM
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It's a farce

Member Avatar dalemx (< 20) Submitted: 7/29/2014 2:48:15 PM
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