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All of their sites and products seem to be Will become worthless in the new Myspace/Facebook world. Losing popularity and a site with no is a small site that isn't worth much.Do you really want to invest in a dial-up company?

Member Avatar Lance912 (27.62) Submitted: 8/16/2007 11:31:50 PM
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Now they are taking public, and valuations for the unprofitable site peg it at $125 million. How on earth do they get this figure? Friendster, which is MUCH more popular than clasmates and gets significantly more traffic (even though it is still a fraction of myspace/facebook) was valued at $30 million by Google in 2003 (before myspace and facebook existed, so that included growth projections that never were realized). Truthfully, is probably worth $5 million at most, but they are presenting it in a nice package for investors to get suckered into come the IPO.

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