United Parcel Service, Inc. (NYSE:UPS)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

The world’s largest package delivery company, UPS has spread brown around the world to enable global commerce.


Player Avatar btukwh (30.17) Submitted: 9/3/2008 12:16:59 PM : Underperform Start Price: $54.29 UPS Score: -25.27

I've read the positive pitches and I hear what they're saying, but I just don't quite believe it. I ship a lot of items each week. UPS isn't who I use because of price and delivery time for the price. Higher costs, lower volume for the next year or so. Show me the growth! Not in the short run.

Member Avatar edd2boys (< 20) Submitted: 8/10/2010 6:38:15 PM
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Ups is a very strong stock. Also pays 1.88 dividend per share. Very attractive for investors. UPS will out perform expectations in the 3rd and 4th qrter. Due to restructuring. Your right on the growth its very slow however the volume did grow in the 2nd qter.2% domestically and 15% internationally.

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