Visionchina Media Inc (NASDAQ:VISN)

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Visionchina Media has risen from the dead. It was hyperbolic in 2009-2011 until it's metics were called into question and settled down around to 0.20 before a 1:20 reverse effectively it was a $200 stub in it's heyday...

Here we go again, from $2 to $28 in a few months and back down to $15......but it is trending back up and it appears that my fear of "losing it" after finding it again, caused my trigger to be a little short. I wouldn't be surprised to see it oscillate a short period back up to $24-$28.....

Overall, however, same story, net negative revenue, questionable growth. Buses, subway cars in China, large cities are probably in abudant supply, but ad reach, impressions are limited on their screens. 111,111 or so screens.

Negative net margines, negative ROE, continued loses. Sold in 2009 under dubious conditions. (Post closing conditions), Litigation settlement reached. (VisionChina would pay the Selling Shareholders $70 million, consisting of $12 million in cash and $58 million in six-year term convertible promissory notes issued by VisionChina, in addition to certain other consideration.)

And where is that coming from?? ($38M in the bank should cover the $12M....notes would soak up any posisble upside...which none has been demonstrated).

Back down.....(eventually).....

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