Walgreen Company (NYSE:WAG)

CAPS Rating: 4 out of 5

Walgreen is your corner drugstore, selling prescription and OTC drugs and an array of other merchandise.


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Unedited excerpt from a CAPSCall article anticipated for publication on 31-DEC-2012:

The next selection for the newly launched Inflation-Protected Income Growth Portfolio is drug store titan Walgreen (NYSE: WAG). Well known for marrying convenience with service and well-staffed, knowledgeable pharmacies, Walgreen prides itself on being available where and when its customers need it.

The company has paid a dividend for 80 straight years, and it has paid higher amounts each year for the past 37. That’s a commendable track record. Even better, that shareholder-friendly dividend policy predates the Bush dividend tax cuts by decades, making it unlikely that it would change just because those cuts are slated to expire. And with a respectable payout ratio of 45%, it has considerable coverage even if things do go bad.

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