Washington Mutual, Inc. (NASDAQOTH:WAMUQ)

CAPS Rating: No stars

The Company is a consumer and small business banking company with operations in major U.S. markets.


Player Avatar captaingee (90.59) Submitted: 9/26/2008 11:54:05 AM : Underperform Start Price: $2.29 WAMUQ Score: +180.08

After seeing BSC, FNM, FRE, LEH all go this way and slapping my head with how obvious it was, I wasn't going to miss out on the points from seeing WM go the same route. Interesting dynamic with the points though - those who picked it a long time back have seen the stock fall from $30+ all the way to zero, but with the S&P falling 20% in that time they only get 80 points. I come in this week at $2 and (since the S&P hasn't stayed flat) get close to the full 100%...

My hat's off to those who've been calling a red thumb on this one for so long. You know who you are, you get the real kudos.

Member Avatar Matt007b (< 20) Submitted: 9/26/2008 1:23:24 PM
Recs: 1

i've been awful at this whole montley fool game thing but I will say I went thumbs down at $12 a share and rode it all the way down. Only decent score I got.I feel for the shareholders though that joke of a CEO jumped out a few weeks ago with millions and thousands of employees could lose their jobs since Chase overlaps a little with branches..mass money lost and that CEO won't lose a dime. Sad.

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