Player Avatar thirdrock3 (22.59) Submitted: 7/25/2011 7:55:23 PM : Outperform Start Price: $26.45 WPRT Score: -140.77

A company like this with key inventions to make natural gas a successful substitute fuel in diesel engines, joint venture with Cummins, the world's best diesel engine manufacturer, and more ventures on the way should be successful. To top it off natural gas is the economic choice to supplement hydrocarbons from crude oil in light of the vast reserves which can be developed in the United States. Electric cars will depend on power from generating plants which exhaust 2/3 of the energy input to the surroundings, or more unreliable sources such as wind. Alternative cars such and electric and ethanol are cute supplements to direct use of clean fuels such as methane, LPG, gasoline, and Diesel, the source of our modern economic success, but will always be uneconomic (according to the first, second and third laws of thermodynamics)..

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Member Avatar Langalier (< 20) Submitted: 10/3/2011 2:49:52 PM
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The Fools "List of Losers" just keeps getting longer and they keep on pumping. Ford, Rosetta Stone, Westport Innovations. I gotta stop listening to these guys.


Member Avatar meatmann50 (< 20) Submitted: 10/7/2011 12:20:22 PM
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bought it @ 17.82,sold it @ 30.00...I'll take these losers anytime....

Member Avatar Lead2Gold (< 20) Submitted: 12/26/2011 11:26:34 AM
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I love the LNG theme...this idea has legs...True "GAS" stations the wave of the independence

Member Avatar Shadoobie1 (< 20) Submitted: 2/1/2012 7:20:20 PM
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I cannot find the fool's buy below figure for this stock (wprt). Also i am looking for the intrinsic value they've determined. Does anyone know if these metrics are available?

Member Avatar ajjr100 (< 20) Submitted: 2/5/2012 11:40:22 AM
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Yes, I too was a "loser" with Westport. Bought it at $25.50 and sold at $39.13. Nice $15000 profit in about 5 or 6 months. Imagine...

Member Avatar awallejr (75.87) Submitted: 2/24/2012 6:30:58 PM
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While I like the LNG theme this comapny is operating at yearly losses yet it is selling at around $44.

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