ExxonMobil Corp (NYSE:XOM)

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From the wells to the pump, Exxon Mobil is all about oil. The company explores, produces, transports, and sells crude oil and natural gas.


Player Avatar BinyaminK (55.91) Submitted: 11/9/2011 2:07:44 PM : Outperform Start Price: $71.52 XOM Score: -39.89

This is a "Giant Tortoise Stock." Like a giant tortoise, It may be big and slow, but it has a hard shell (economic moat), can swim far (enter into new and emerging markets and industries), and live long.

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Member Avatar baselineace (< 20) Submitted: 11/22/2011 7:36:48 AM
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Slow and steady wins the race.

Member Avatar btukwh (30.17) Submitted: 11/30/2011 1:04:34 PM
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Aren't giant tortoises an endangered species?

The young are also confused by lights on the beach and often head in the wrong direction only to die as they cannot find what they need to survive.

Member Avatar OutperformOrDie (77.89) Submitted: 12/8/2011 11:07:06 AM
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The "young" you are referring to are other small oil companies looking to make a name for themselves in this world. Doesn't look good for 'em.

Member Avatar GrapeFool (< 20) Submitted: 12/21/2011 2:04:59 PM
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Actually, it is the newly hatched sea turtles that need to find their way to the water, usually at night. Tortoises are land animals and don't swim much at all, certainly not long distances.

Member Avatar geomedf (< 20) Submitted: 1/7/2012 4:11:13 AM
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XOM is a country.

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