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Xoom is a pioneer in the international money transfer market, providing consumers with an easy to use, cost-effective and safe way of sending money worldwide. Xoom's IPO was a blockbuster (over 50% up today 2/15/2013). This is just the beginning as Xoom offers key advantages over its competitors.

Xoom allows users to make secure bank-to-bank direct money transfers at a cost under $10 which is significantly lower than either Western Union or Money gram. These competitors typically use cash transactions (greater security risk for users) and face greater regulatory scrutiny (due to potential money laundering abuses). Over time the cost savings and greater transaction security will cause Xoom to outshine its competition.

With Xoom, consumers can send money to friends and family to 30 countries in Latin America, the Philippines, India, Europe, Australia and South Africa from the convenience of their mobile phone, tablet or computer. Xoom was founded in 2001 and is backed by Sequoia Capital, New Enterprise Associates, SVB Capital and Fidelity Ventures.

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