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Yahoo! wants to be your portal to everything on the Web. Focusing on search and personalized content, it’s a global internet brand.


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10 billion for 29% in Alibaba and 35% in Yahoo! Japan.3 billion cashThe leftover 9 million market cap makes 1 billion FCF every year. Alibaba can kick ass in the future.Why not?

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Editorial: "Do or Die Yahoo"

For Yahoo, it is time to ascertain that a do or die scenario. Do they really want to run this company or give it some efficient folks who can take care of it, time is ripe for a decent decision instead of hiring some inefficient and directionless CEOs.

Yahoo!You know, like the Millions of users out there, I am one among them and I liked (have some residue of interest still lingering here and there?)

Yahoo, and I used pretty much everything Yahoo can offer such as Emails, IMs, movies, photos, and most abundantly I use the Yahoo Finance Yahoo! Finance .(even as we speak, I use this service, it is comprehensive and very informative) But, I also use MiscorsoftMSN Logo products pretty much everything like windows, office, Hotmail , Outlook, now skype, the spectacular Bing and maps, oh well Outlook etc that microsoft can offer, but wait....., things changed a bit in the past few years, then the whole thing started shaky when an unknown, fledgeling, infant google walked into this world wide web arena try to place itself in between this two giants and google started causing some heavy damages to both yahoo and microsoft. Both Yahoo and Microsoft slackers did not realize at that time that they can be challenged or they thought that their position is so strong that they did not feel any danger by what would be known as the google craze in this world................!, my usage slowly became minimized on yahoo, with continued usage of microsoft I started using more google products rather reluctantly?, I will tell you why the reluctance elsewhere in this column.

Overall, and over the years, I have almost transformed lots of my usage in a way that diminished the usage of yahoo, continued many microsoft services, but on the communication and internet side, I used more products so heavily on google services like email/chat/google voice etc.

One of the main reason for this switch in interest and usage is the compelling versatility, speed and the google's perseverance with customers, though their safety of products appeared like better than yahoo but I am not sure you call google is safe than microsoft, I have my questions in that respect. But google's safety and privacy is a rather hidden danger and it needs special attention of customers and policy makers, watchdogs alike, hope one day it will be addressed. The switch is also due to the plethora of add- On google brought in with their services, they also have colorful designs, functionality and user friendly applications and services amended by google constantly over time. Interestingly enough, google is not without it's own flaws, in the name of "cloud computing and driven by money making crazy advertisements, google is utterly exploitative, violation of privacy is a reality, and a clear danger for us of loosing out all personal and confidential information into this world wide wacko digital outer space.
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