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The holding company for a handful of brands, YRC Worldwide is among the world’s largest providers of transportation services.


Player Avatar gmxBatteringRam (30.22) Submitted: 10/28/2009 8:07:55 PM : Underperform Start Price: $4,048.00 YRCW Score: +196.00

Bankruptcy soon.

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Member Avatar docshoppe (57.99) Submitted: 9/30/2010 5:04:40 PM
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management is bullish.

Member Avatar ddafternoons (< 20) Submitted: 10/6/2010 10:05:09 AM
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I belive we'll pull out of this mess and be profitable again. Markets are what they are but the fine people at YRC will prevail and we'll move on. The doom and gloom from our competitors is just that. They will be suprised and shocked by our desire to rise to the top. We will be successful and prosper. Long live YRC.

Member Avatar billyjohn22 (< 20) Submitted: 12/20/2010 4:59:20 PM
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People who believe YRC will make it have not been in the trucking business very long. If YRC management had a clue on how to run a trucking co. they would be dangerous. In the entire history of Yellow Freight they never made more than 2 or 3 cents on the dollar.They don't have enough sense to learn how to make money from a successful trucking co. like New Penn whom they now own and is still making money despite being just a shell of the co. they once were because of YRC interference. It's just a matter of time before the banks pull the plug on them and they will join a long, long list of once profitable trucking companies gone by. The sad part is a lot of good people and well known fleets are going down with them.

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