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Back In The Spotlight - Baeta Corp.


At the present time BAETA Corp is focusing on information and technology solutions for weight control, smoking cessation, pain monitoring, home medication dispensing, and medical records management.
BAETA Corp plans to expand into other technologies that complement the core business.
The list currently includes pulse oximetry, EKG, blood pressure, cardiac output, carbon dioxide, and temperature.
The non-core business focuses on adapting core technologies to the consumer market.
The business includes design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of consumer products that embody BAETA's proprietary technologies.

BAEA has a flagship product called MyHealthTrends™ that is positioned to become the industry standard for recording and tracking pain and treatment for millions of patients.
MyHealthTrends™ is a revolutionary patient and practitioner-oriented recording system enabling individuals to document a wide array of sensations, symptoms, or behaviors with the click of a button.
The potential market for MyHealthTrends™ platform is estimated at over 2 billion dollars in North America alone.
Developed by a doctor for the ultimate use within hospital and outpatient settings, MyHealthTrends™ enables anyone afflicted to easily record their sensations, symptoms, or behaviors - helping to acquire faster diagnoses and superior results.
MyHealthTrends™ was specifically designed to accurately capture, record, and display an individual’s sensations, symptoms, or behaviors over time.


MyHealthTrends™ enables patients to:
1.Easily and quickly record their sensations, symptoms, or behaviors
2.Shift from memory-based descriptions to data-driven, time based recordings
3.Foster healthcare discussions facilitated by recorded data
4.Acquire better treatment--ideally reducing office visits and healthcare costs
More importantly, MyHealthTrends™ enables practitioners (i.e., doctors, chiropractors, etc.) to more precisely:
1. Understand patient trends
2. Monitor treatment efficacy
3. Prescribe regimens with confidence
4. Speed patient relief and recovery process
Patients carry the hand-held MyHealthTrends™ device, approximately the size of a modern automobile key.
When sensations, symptoms, or behaviors are experienced, the individual presses the button, and the event is recorded within the device.

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