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Paco57 (42.91)
Submitted February 14, 2017

Like a Fool. I already own 100 shares. I see a USA future investment. And I'm gonna purchase more!

TSIF (99.97)
Submitted November 21, 2016

Reload.before it drops below the $0.50 pick limit.Should continue heading down.Good to see the cannabis stocks readjusting back, this one still needs to go all the way back to $0.02.========================From 0.02 to over $1.00....See Jed71Book… More


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Member Avatar kdakota630 (29.04) Submitted: 12/30/2016 10:03:29 AM : Underperform Start Price: $0.63 CNBX Score: -162.78

No way.


Member Avatar TSIF (99.97) Submitted: 11/21/2016 2:50:27 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.59 CNBX Score: -185.30

Reload.before it drops below the $0.50 pick limit.
Should continue heading down.
Good to see the cannabis stocks readjusting back, this one still needs to go all the way back to $0.02.

From 0.02 to over $1.00....

See Jed71
Book value zero,
NO CASH ($85K), spends $435k a year

2 Employees staying busy writing press releases.

Just say no to drugs because taking them might make you think this ramp up is real, rather than a speculating, day trading bubble that will pop..
Target 0.08, (not worth 0.01), but sometimes these resurrect.


Member Avatar jed71 (99.70) Submitted: 11/3/2016 8:52:14 AM : Underperform Start Price: $1.07 CNBX Score: -38.30

There’s probably no need for me to post anything more than the following:

“Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. (the "Company"), was incorporated in the State of Nevada, on September 15, 2004, under the name of Thrust Energy Corp. The Company was originally engaged in the exploration, exploitation, development and production of oil and gas projects within North America, but was unable to operate profitably.
In May 2011, the Company changed its name to American Mining Corporation, suspending its oil and gas operations and changing its business to toll milling and refining, mineral exploration and mine development.

On April 25, 2014, the Company experienced a change in control. Cannabics, Inc. (“Cannabics”) acquired a majority of the issued and outstanding common stock of the Company in accordance with stock purchase agreements by and between Cannabics and Thomas Mills (“Mills”). On the closing date, April 25, 2014, pursuant to the terms of the Stock Purchase Agreement, Cannabics purchased from Mills 20,500,000 shares of the Company’s outstanding restricted common stock for $198,000, representing 51%.

On May 21, 2014, the Company changed its name, via merger in the state of Nevada, to Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. At this time the Company has changed its course of business to pharmaceutical development.
On July 31, 2014, Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc. filed its exclusive Patent Application with the US Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), which covers the proprietary technology developed by its team of experts in the field of cannabinoid long acting lipid based formulations. This patent is the basis for the company’s “CANNABICS SR” technology, which consists of the IP for standardized and long acting medical cannabis capsules, designed for patients suffering from diverse indications. Simultaneously this Patent was filed with the PCT division of the Israeli Patent Office (ILPO) in order to provide International IP protection. On February 24, 2016 Cannabics pharmaceuticals filed a new patent application for the company’s slow release capsules

On August 25, 2014, the Company organized G.R.I.N. Ultra Ltd. (“GRIN”), an Israeli corporation, as a wholly-owned subsidiary. GRIN provides research and development activities in Israel.
On February 24, 2016, the Company filed a new patent application for the company’s slow release medical capsules with the US Patent & Trademark Office, as noted in their Press Release of that date.”

Oil and gas, then mining, then marijuana pharma…. Way to go guys – you hit the big ones!! This one was pretty funny…

”Cash used in investing activities for the nine months ended May 31, 2015 was $3,711, consisting of the acquisition of equipment. We did not use any cash in any investing activities during the nine months ended May 31, 2016.”

Look Ma!! I bought me one of dem fancy computers for "work"! Last one…

“During the year ended August 31, 2015, the Company issued 540,000 shares of its common stock to 9 consultants for services rendered at a fair value of $83,123, or an average of $0.16 per share. During the nine month ended May 31st, 2016 the company issued to service providers 1,290,000 shares and 5,174,333 options.”

So explain to me again, why should I pay $1 a share for a stock that was valued for pennies a year ago? With minimal revenue and no hope of growing that revenue stream? Paying bills by issuing new shares is NOT a winning combination. Especially when you have less than $100K in total assets on your balance sheet. This one is so easy, it’s embarrassing.


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FoolPep 30.97 6/8/2017 Outperform 3M $0.89 +105.62% +15.03% +90.59 0 Comment
Emeraldo < 20 2/23/2017 Underperform 1Y $4.19 -56.27% +18.38% +74.65 0 Comment
whatisthepoint 96.59 2/17/2017 Underperform 5Y $3.88 -52.84% +19.63% +72.46 0 Comment
hicksjmu567 79.01 2/2/2017 Outperform 5Y $0.95 +92.63% +23.36% +69.27 0 Comment
wmtworker 75.55 2/27/2017 Underperform 5Y $3.18 -42.36% +18.50% +60.86 0 Comment
km00nster < 20 2/17/2017 Underperform 5Y $3.08 -40.50% +19.86% +60.35 0 Comment
gcaderas 66.20 4/18/2017 Underperform 5Y $2.28 -19.56% +19.98% +39.54 0 Comment
gpierson128 96.48 1/11/2018 Underperform 5Y $2.11 -13.06% +2.06% +15.12 0 Comment
axegrindr101 72.07 7/25/2017 Outperform 5Y $1.50 +22.00% +13.30% +8.70 0 Comment
Bigsef77 71.34 5/9/2017 12/26/2017 Outperform 1Y $1.51 +21.26% +17.01% +4.25 0 Comment

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