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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (99.97) Submitted: 9/4/2012 3:20:24 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.01 ENTB Score: -39.11

I hope and trust you are all having a great holiday weekend!

This weeks pick in ENTB started a bit early (last Friday) & has already soared to a high of 109% but closed 98% with great liquidity. This company has been putting together some amazing things that are about to be updated for all to see. The chart has just now entered BREAKOUT mode and has some solid indicators going off.

We expect multiple pennies out of this one folkzzz.

We are on a serious roll here:

HIMR 128%H

IMR 400%

HIMR 120%

FRCN 500%

& ENTB already up 98% with potential for another 3-500%

We are very confident that ENTB will have better results than FRCN did & that HIMR had at its best run. ENTB has a better chart set up, better story line, better breakout indicators, and has better news on the way then FRCN had.

(for those still holding FRCN, we will be covering it this week as well, we would like to see it continue on and reclaim the 07c mark yet)

(but for those who missed FRCN -- ENTB is our HOT PICK of the week here & you wont want to sit on the side-lines for this one)

A little bit about ENTB ~


Contact Info
4700 Spring Street
Suite 304
La Mesa, CA 91942

Website: http://www.entestbio.com
Phone: 619-702-1404
Email: info@entestbio.com

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