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Member Avatar SmartAce (99.95) Submitted: 1/12/2018 11:01:58 AM : Underperform Start Price: $1.34 IPWR Score: +9.54

Forget the Home Alone parents forgetting their kid. Why the heck do they own a bunch of mannequins?


Member Avatar tykundegex (< 20) Submitted: 11/4/2015 11:59:05 AM : Outperform Start Price: $8.24 IPWR Score: -116.53

A very new approach (software-based switching) to a very common component for all power applications (inverter/converter). Ideal Power's products are a key part of every solution offering for BESS, renewables, micro-grid, peak-shaving,etc, and it's completely technology agnostic (i.e. works with solar PV, CSP, wind, all types of batteries and fuel-cells, works on 50 and 60Hz networks, is multi-directional, etc).

Product is cheaper, lighter, smaller, safer AND more efficient than traditional products. PPSA platform is applicable to a range of uses (30kW and 125kW multi-port inverters now being commercialized are the first two).

They have big name partners and clients (LG Chem, GreenCharge, Sharp, Boeing, US Defense Dept...).

They have a capital efficient business model: outsourced manufacturing and IP licensing.

The BTRAN tech could become like an "Intel Inside(TM)" of the power industry.


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whatsthepoint (99.97) Score: +208.29

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MMCapitalMgmt 99.92 10/23/2015 Underperform 5Y $8.11 -85.20% +31.78% +116.98 0 Comment
JoeySolitro3 98.83 4/1/2016 Underperform 5Y $4.55 -73.62% +32.76% +106.38 0 Comment
Toprope101 99.88 3/31/2016 Underperform 5Y $4.54 -73.56% +32.39% +105.95 0 Comment
JoeySolitro1 99.99 3/31/2016 Underperform 5Y $4.42 -72.84% +32.54% +105.38 0 Comment
otherAquanaut 99.76 5/23/2016 2/2/2018 Underperform 3M $4.07 -70.51% +32.89% +103.39 0 Comment
NobleOrSomeBull 99.66 5/20/2016 Underperform 5Y $4.00 -69.99% +32.70% +102.69 0 Comment
foolishfun4me 99.45 12/9/2016 Underperform 5Y $4.02 -70.14% +20.95% +91.09 0 Comment
ITTOG 68.79 1/19/2017 Underperform 5Y $2.56 -53.02% +20.65% +73.67 0 Comment
ronmcpeek 27.67 7/31/2017 Underperform 5Y $3.01 -60.12% +10.41% +70.53 0 Comment
extranatty 97.31 2/9/2017 Underperform 5Y $2.29 -47.60% +18.41% +66.01 0 Comment

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