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HDTVBG (< 20)
Submitted March 29, 2019

Got in at the subscription price of 72, expect this to double , might be a good idea though to flip it out just before Uber goes IPO next month. Uber is evil and will fail, Lyft is merely disruptive, both companies are outlaws that got away with… More

esusatyo (61.29)
Submitted April 02, 2019

This business can’t be worth more than $10B. Even then, they need to make a profit or at least future profit forecast before I get into this stock.



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Member Avatar JosephofTexas (68.36) Submitted: 5/14/2019 3:03:36 PM : Underperform Start Price: $50.85 NASDAQ:LYFT Score: -7.53

All the reasons for the bear thesis on LYFT. Ultimately, this is just a glorified taxi company, not a tech company. At some point people will have to come to terms with that, and the cut rate margins that will bring. Sub 10 billion company IMO.

In the end -- each new transaction requires +1 driver. That is not scalable... well at least not in terms of margin and profits.

UBER may have more staying power to to scale and with other services, but even it cannot be valued where it is.


Member Avatar MarkFitzFool (36.31) Submitted: 5/10/2019 3:46:10 PM : Underperform Start Price: $52.14 NASDAQ:LYFT Score: -5.84

This company is one of the two top players in ride-sharing, though it currently pales in comparison with respect to the size of Uber. Though it's a widely utilized service, I've personally never used Lyft, only Uber. I think it's very unlikely they will ever beat out Uber. Furthermore, this company burns cash and has no clear path to profitability. The only way I see them becoming profitable is with the advent of self-driving vehicles, and that is still years away from becoming mainstream, widely-utilized technology. For these reasons, my bet is that Lyft is an underperformer for the next 2 - 4 years.


Member Avatar GTK1004 (95.69) Submitted: 5/10/2019 1:24:13 PM : Outperform Start Price: $53.60 NASDAQ:LYFT Score: +2.72

re-evaluate after few more quarters. It has more to fall. But the business has market potential of users seeking for ride share.


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esusatyo 61.29 4/1/2019 Underperform 3M $87.24 -37.38% -0.18% +37.20 1 Comment
Formula1fan 30.96 4/1/2019 Underperform 5Y $87.24 -37.38% -0.18% +37.20 0 Comment
TSIF 99.97 3/29/2019 Underperform 1Y $81.17 -32.70% +0.63% +33.32 0 Comment
gearyservices 26.80 3/29/2019 Underperform NS $80.82 -32.41% +0.79% +33.20 0 Comment
Tak3natheFlood 99.14 3/29/2019 Underperform 5Y $80.82 -32.41% +0.79% +33.20 2 Comments
TotoMMB 96.16 3/29/2019 Underperform 1Y $80.82 -32.41% +0.79% +33.20 0 Comment
GVLSandlapper 64.38 3/29/2019 Underperform 3Y $80.82 -32.41% +0.79% +33.20 2 Comments
pleonexia4ROE 77.77 3/29/2019 5/10/2019 Underperform 3W $80.82 -32.41% +0.79% +33.20 0 Comment
TSLAQPodcast 65.86 3/29/2019 Underperform 3Y $80.82 -32.41% +0.79% +33.20 1 Comment
bsge14 99.16 4/3/2019 Underperform 5Y $71.24 -23.32% -0.65% +22.67 0 Comment

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