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“NTRR” poised to light up the charts!
While most cannabis companies should be benefiting from the new laws being passed in Denver yesterday, formally regulating and taxing the drug-It seems to me that “NTRR” is the only bright spot, in an otherwise played out space.
Fundamentally, most of these companies are similar, most are startups with a plan or something that resembles one. Not suggesting to put this in your IRA, I’m believe it could earn my readers, some quick change, just in time for vacation.
But….The main reason for my optimism and difference between all of these companies is…
“NTRR” has around 7mil shrs out, which means that the float must be fairly tight. This means there will not be as much resistance as it moves up.
The company is also quarterly filer, so financials are there for your viewing
Compare with “EDXC” a company everyone is talking about today, this company has a float of 61mil…yes and that is since the end of March. 170mil O.S. They also have limited information available, and according to the work sheets available, not much else
If “NTRR” can trade as much volume as “EDXC” it would be over 4.00dlrs
If you look the highest day so far in “NTRR” has been 400k, it moved to over 6.0 giving early participants between 300-500 pct or more.
“NTRR” will have some resistance because it fell below 1.0 but…
It moved as high as .95 today up 9% and that is a bullish sign for the session, a few more days of increased coverage and industry news, could light this baby up.
NeutraCorp could put out press about a joint venture or acquisition anytime (joint venture he he he.) no really if you read the news, we are expecting
This combined with market conditions for this sector, could create the perfect storm for a company with a small float, and limited resistance to selling and shorting
“NTRR” is one to add to your radar, it could hand you some righteous dividends in the near future. DUDE
Happy trading

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