Short Financials ProShares (NYSEMKT:SEF)

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jaygatsby49 (34.18)
Submitted August 28, 2009

Banks are buying foreclosed mortgages from each other with their TARP money to artificially inflate their balance sheets. Eventually they will have to write down their bad mortgages, probably when all the bad commercial loans begin to fail towards… More

TMFUltraLong (99.47)
Submitted February 07, 2010

Echoing the same comments from the XLF, what makes you think after two stimulus packages within a matter of months that the US Government was going to be willing to let some of the largest financials institutions fold under credit pressure? It's… More

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TrackUltraLong < 20 11/4/2011 Underperform NS $37.95 -66.46% +97.05% +163.51 7/31/2017 @ $12.73 1 Comment

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