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Member Avatar kschwedl (56.24) Submitted: 3/22/2018 10:22:55 AM : Outperform Start Price: $30.80 SEND Score: +20.34

Their traditional market has been all of the notification emails that companies send, password reset, welcome etc. But with the rise of smart platforms outside of the big traditional triggered email providers ( Salesforce marketing, Oracle, Emarsys, Cheetah Digital) there is significant growth opportunity for them to be the sending engine for many of these AI driven marketing platforms. Still a small Market Cap with room to grow, steady growth (36% pre IPO), profitable, And cash flow positive. should make this an exciting company to watch, and a good return.
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Member Avatar meridius91 (64.20) Submitted: 1/19/2018 10:45:02 AM : Outperform Start Price: $21.94 SEND Score: +72.45

SendGrid is known for email marketing where it is the market leader in many service and quality aspects if not in volume. However think about how many other email services businesses provide. Password resets, automated alerts, billing reminders, etc. Your inbox is always getting system generated messages. That is SendGrid's total addressable market and that is huge. SendGrid is going after all of it. Throw in happy employees, a dedicated founder, and high growth, we have a company with a bright future.


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meridius91 (64.20) Score: +72.45

SEND me to the moon!

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meridius91 64.20 1/19/2018 Outperform 5Y $21.94 +66.82% -5.63% +72.45 1 Comment
sa3roman 54.74 5/23/2018 Outperform 5Y $24.91 +46.93% -2.60% +49.53 0 Comment
This player feels very strongly about this pick and has marked it a Top Pick. Top Picks do not affect a player’s score. mingdom 45.62 6/11/2018 Outperform 5Y $25.97 +40.93% -5.23% +46.16 0 Comment
stjolly777 69.85 6/11/2018 Outperform 5Y $26.19 +39.75% -5.14% +44.89 0 Comment
RMITRA757 95.97 7/9/2018 Outperform 5Y $26.14 +40.02% -4.49% +44.51 0 Comment
shingst 33.35 6/4/2018 Outperform 5Y $27.02 +35.46% -3.79% +39.25 0 Comment
cobradon 96.09 8/1/2018 Outperform 5Y $28.00 +30.71% -6.19% +36.91 0 Comment
77lucky < 20 6/14/2018 Outperform 5Y $28.08 +30.34% -5.21% +35.55 0 Comment
kschwedl 56.24 3/22/2018 Outperform 5Y $30.80 +18.85% -1.49% +20.34 1 Comment
Yort2000 92.01 11/15/2018 Underperform 3Y $42.55 -13.98% -2.05% +11.94 0 Comment

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