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If you've been following The Dean, you'd know that his newest brand of stock pick, the School Yard Stock, has been doing quite well.

EVSI $0.57 to $0.66 for 15%

AMCG $0.137 to $0.206 for 50%

UGDM $0.49 to $0.74 for 51%

IAHL $0.16 to $0.28 for 75%

NTMG $0.26 to $0.62 for 138%

That makes for an impressive average gain of 65%!

And, now, The Dean is officially ready to call $SIGN his next School Yard Stock.

Signet International Holdings Inc. (OTC: SIGN.OB) is focused on building a broadcast media company, consisting of television stations and complimentary syndication and production companies serving mid to large sized companies in the United States.

According to the company's website, $SIGN "is in a very unique position in the Television Industry," as the company has identified two business models which "can significantly make an impact on the traditional delivery of TV programming to the viewing audience." This combines AMG-TV syndication and distribution, which $SIGN acquired along with Access Media Group, Inc., with a new, state of the art 3D television.

Based on this May 25th 8-K filing, Signet 3-D Entertainment Inc, a subsidiary of $SIGN, intends to acquire Visual 3-D Impressions Inc., a developer of technology used in three-dimensional television, which The Dean believes could help the company in its plan to run a gaming and entertainment television network.

If you take a look at $SIGN's 90-day chart, you can see that this penny stock has moved from a low of $0.05 to its current trading price of $0.50, or as much as 900%.

But $SIGN's 30-day chart has really got The Dean going, especially because this stock has moved up more than 200% on curious volume, in less than two weeks time.

Yesterday, $SIGN opened the day at $0.28, and closed at $0.50, a gain of approximately 80%. What's more interesting than that movement is the fact that $SIGN traded nearly 25 times its 3 month average volume yesterday on no news.

The Dean is always looking for SIGNs that penny stocks may have upcoming catalysts, as other School Yard Stocks have, and, in the right situations, you can achieve some of the highest percentage returns if your speculative reasoning is sound.

Happy Trading,

The Dean

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