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CMFJayNew (94.38)
Submitted October 07, 2014

mr. market is over-reacting to the global market opportunity that this environmentally-friendly company has in front of it, by allowing the US performance to dominate.

MikeJeezy (< 20)
Submitted January 02, 2014

I requested one for Christmas before I invested in SODA since it's so easy to try before you buy. I dunno, I'm not sold on it. Most "problems" with the SodaStream will be subjective, but here are mine:1) I am an avid Coke drinker, usually the 12oz… More


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Member Avatar Har1en (99.59) Submitted: 1/5/2017 3:53:14 PM : Outperform Start Price: $39.21 SODA Score: +40.62

SodaStream has a lot of things going for it in my mind, many of them from personal experience of owning one for the last few months, and falling in love with it.

First, the product marketing is much better now. I finally understand their value proposition. I did not before. They have gotten into a place where they are challenging the very dirty, plastic-based consumption of carbonated water. I thought bottles were the only way to get this taste in my water... I was wrong, and this has been available for years, but only last year did I get one. I would have liked it for much longer, if only I had known.

Second, distribution is starting to get good in the United States. They have lots of places you can go to swap your carbonation container. This is great for them, and also great for their industry partners. It gets me to step foot inside of a Sur La Table, something I rarely do. I am inclined to look around when I go, and that can lead to additional sales. In fact, I have to take one in today...

Third, there is a shift among the educated members of the first world toward water, coffee, and tea, because these items do not necessarily contain any added sugars. This is a health plan for many people. I will not drink sugary sodas and I need a way to enliven my drinks. Water, coffee, tea get old after a while. Mixing it up by adding sparkling water, maybe with some lemon or lime added for flavor is a nice way to mix it up. This goes hand-in hand with the renewed marketing focus and value proposition:

No schlepping water at the market, use your home tap.
No wasteful plastic bottles (their bottles are plastic, but they are very tough, and mine are showing no signs of wear after 3 months of heavy use).
Easy to use: the system is very simple
Reusing cylinders: I love that they refill the cylinders and they don't waste anything. This makes my inner environmentalist very happy.

Frankly, this is a stock I believe in, now that I understand the system more, and how they make money and satisfy a under-served and under-recognized customer need. They already have great market penetration in Europe, particularly Germany (6%, they said on the latest call). That's some massive potential, and I don't think they've reached a stability point, they are still growing.

There are also some similarities to Netflix, one of my favorite investments:
1-Most marketing is still person-to-person via recommendation
2-Once you buy the inexpensive starter kit, you keep paying for refills on your carbonation and mixers, so it's kind of like a subscription model, but you can stop whenever you like
3-The entrenched soda industry is not well situated to provide this service without cutting off their own sales of bottled sparkling waters and sodas, and re-working their distribution networks. They may have missed what a game-changer this is for folks who use it. It is huge for me, I will not go back to buying sparkling water at the store so long as this option is available. If they continue to let SodaStream grow unopposed, SodaStream will have more years to build and extend their market dominance.

Finally, and not least, this is a BORING company. Seriously, they sell air. Actually, they sell a way to make your water not taste more interesting, but, strictly speaking, they do sell a component of air.



Member Avatar GoldNoggin (50.33) Submitted: 8/1/2016 12:59:19 AM : Underperform Start Price: $24.18 SODA Score: -129.69

The soda tastes bad and is hard to find. On the plus side, since buying one, my soda consumption is down drastically.


Member Avatar XMFCinco (42.09) Submitted: 6/21/2016 11:47:55 AM : Outperform Start Price: $21.47 SODA Score: +155.55

pure speculation on the beer / mixed drinks. If they can make money selling a product that makes 4.5% beers that actually taste sort of like beer at 33 cents / 12 oz then that is a compelling value.


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