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The Wocket Rocket

October 03, 2014 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: NXTD

The stock of a small company called Nxt-ID, Inc. (NXTD) is rocketing higher today. This is apparently based on news that the company is planning to do some national TV ads for their new "smart wallet" device called a Wocket. I'm not convinced that this is a stock worth investing in but it looks like about 8 million traders are betting on it today, driving the stock price up nearly 40% over yesterday's closing price. 

As far as a little background, investors might want to take note here. From the company’s 2013 annual report:  [more]



Vail Resorts buys Park City

September 12, 2014 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MTN , SNOW

This is huge news for the ski industry! Vail Resorts (MTN) now offers the Epic Pass valid at 22 ski resorts around the world. They paid just $182.5M in cash for this world class resort in Utah. With plans to build a new chairlift from nearby Canyons resort to Park City the future combined resort will consist of more than 7,000 acres of skiable terrain, making it the largest ski resort in the country.  [more]



Cadiz Water Project signs up another customer

August 28, 2014 – Comments (1) | RELATED TICKERS: CDZI , WTR

The floodgates have been opened now that the project has gotten aproval to proceed. Cadiz, Inc. (CDZI) has been aggressively pursuing customers for water delivery in San Bernardino County where they have been hit especially hard by the drought, which in turn has driven up the price for water. The latest customer to sign up for water delivery is Lake Arrowhead who signed up for 3,000 acre-feet of water at a price of $960 per acre-foot.  [more]



How to Benefit from Others' Misfortune

August 20, 2014 – Comments (5) | RELATED TICKERS: CDZI

In this case I am referring to the drought that has gripped California for most of the past 15 years or so and which has developed into a major catastrophe this year. Although I sympathize with the residents (and I myself grew up there and still have family in SoCal) there is an upside to investors. The Cadiz Water Project (CDZI) is well positioned now, more than ever, to advance in light of a recent court ruling as well as a new ballot initiative that will be on the November 2014 ballot.  [more]



Fiber Optics growth market

July 24, 2014 – Comments (3) | RELATED TICKERS: AFOP , FNSR

Recently I came across a blog post that suggested that the fiber optic market worldwide grew by nearly $50B in 2013! That represents an increase of about 15% over 2012 revenues. It goes on to suggest that this level of growth is likely to continue for at least the next 5 years.  [more]

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