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A player's rating indicates his percentile rank in CAPS. DividendYields is outperforming % of all CAPS players. A player's score is the total percentage return of all his picks subtracting out the S&P. A player's accuracy is how often that player has made correct predictions.

To calculate a player's rating, we take 2/3 of his score percentile and 1/3 of his accuracy percentile. For further information, read the Player Ratings section of the Help page.

Average Pick Score is a player's total score divided by the total number of picks (active and closed). It represents the player's average return after subtracting out the market's performance.

Average Pick Rating is the average stock rating of a player's total picks. Underperform picks are flip-flopped, so a underperform call on a one-star stock is treated like an outperform call on a five-star stock. This rating reflects how closely your picks are aligned with CAPS ratings.

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15 Long-Term Dividend Grower With The Highest Operating Margin

April 10, 2016 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: MCD , AWR , BEN

Many investors never really look at company financials. By neglecting that aspect of their financial education, they miss out on some of the most useful information that financial data can provide. 

 In particular, measures like margins can tell you how efficient a company is in converting the sales it generates into profits for shareholders. 

 One type of margin known as operating margin focuses on an intermediate step in the financial statement, and it's something that you can use to focus on the core elements of a business to see how profitable it is.  

The operating margin show us how many of a dollar revenue is profit for paying interest and taxes. The higher the value, the better it is for investors. It tells us also a lot about the market strength of a corporate and their pricing power. 

If margins are low, you may own only a small piece of the supply chain and the cake. Remember retailer. They have a damn low margin, which is in general not bad but they offer only a small part of the whole product development and marketing cycle. 

They just sell the product. Attached you will find a couple of dividend paying long-term raiser stocks with the highest margin on the market. I observed only the group of Dividend Champions. 

Over the next days I will also show you those stocks with the highest net income profit margin. The difference between them and today's results is that they could have less debt. That's one reason why they have higher margins in the end.

Here are the most profitable dividend grower from the Dividend Champions League…  [more]

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