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A player's rating indicates his percentile rank in CAPS. jestkidding is outperforming % of all CAPS players. A player's score is the total percentage return of all his picks subtracting out the S&P. A player's accuracy is how often that player has made correct predictions.

To calculate a player's rating, we take 2/3 of his score percentile and 1/3 of his accuracy percentile. For further information, read the Player Ratings section of the Help page.

Average Pick Score is a player's total score divided by the total number of picks (active and closed). It represents the player's average return after subtracting out the market's performance.

Average Pick Rating is the average stock rating of a player's total picks. Underperform picks are flip-flopped, so a underperform call on a one-star stock is treated like an outperform call on a five-star stock. This rating reflects how closely your picks are aligned with CAPS ratings.

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The Value Stock - EBIX

August 29, 2014 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EBIX

Buying a stock at a low valuation multiple usually means there is a bit of history to get comfortable with and EBIX (EBIX) is no exception. Software company EBIX has been growing revenues and earnings at a rate of around 20% and 10% respectively for the past five years due to organic growth and a number of acquisitions. That was until the stock price fell off a cliff last year as negative reports of financial irregularities were published and a planned merger with Goldman Sachs was canceled. Since then the stock has traded in a range between $9 and $18 with a current PE of 9.41.  [more]

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