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All-Time Best: DORM +937.42
All-Time Worst: LAYN -154.19

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Performance - Week Ending 05/15/2015

May 16, 2015 – Comments (0) | RELATED TICKERS: EPE , RTEC , GT

The Wax Ink Portfolio was up 0.3% for the week.

By comparison, the Dow was up 0.4%, the Nasdaq was up 0.9%, the S&P 500 was up 0.3%, the Russell 2000 was up 0.7%, and the Volatility Index, commonly known as the VIX, was down 3.7%.

Year to date, the Wax Ink portfolio is down 1.3%, the Dow is up 2.5%, the Nasdaq is up 6.6%, the S&P 500 is up 3.1%, the Russell 2000 is up 3.3%, and the VIX is lower by 9.8%.

The portfolio breakdown remains roughly 53% cash, 47% equities, and 0% bonds. There was no change to the total number of shares held.

Weekly Winners
This week's portfolio winners were chicken grease recycler Darling Ingredients, Inc. (NYSE: DAR), up 11%, tire and rubber king The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company (NYSE: GT), up 5%, and tire and cylinder maker Worthington Industries, Inc. (NYSE: WOR), up 2%.

Weekly Losers
This week's portfolio losers were offshore oil rig contractor McDermott International, Inc. (NYSE: MDR), down 13%, trucking company ArcBest Corporation (Nasdaq: ARCB), down 3%, and infrastructure supplier LB Foster Company (Nasdaq: FSTR), down 2%.

Portfolio Duds
The portfolio's worst performing stocks remain building materials company Griffon Corporation (NYSE: GFF), down 8% (up 3% for the week) since being added to the portfolio, and municipal construction company Layne Christensen (Nasdaq: LAYN), down 46% (down 3% for the week) since being added to the portfolio.

Archived worksheets may be downloaded by going to the Worksheets page at the site and selecting an industry which will move you to all of the worksheets I have updated for the selected industry.

Worksheets updated last week may be downloaded by clicking on the links (company name) below.

Rudolph Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: RTEC) - FYE 12/2014

Swift Energy Company, Inc. (NYSE: SFY) - FYE 12/2014

Imperial Oil Limited (NYSE: IMO) - FYE 12/2014

Nabors Industries Ltd (NYSE: NBR) - FYE 12/2014

Oasis Petroleum, Inc. (NYSE: OAS) - FYE 12/2014

Ultra Petroleum Corporation (NYSE: UPL) - FYE 12/2014

EP Energy Corporation (NYSE: EPE) - FYE 12/2014

Please note that worksheets are updated basis the most current SEC 10-K ANNUAL filing.

Reasonable Value Estimates
Reasonable value estimates are initial valuations which Accredited Investors, after completing their own due diligence, can either increase or decrease in accordance with their individual risk tolerance and investing philosophy.

Reasonable value estimates were established or revised this week for Rudolph Technologies at $12-$17, Swift Eneergy at $23-$29, Imperial Oil at $46-$52, Nabors Industries at $38-$43, Oasis Petroleum at $15-$17, Ultra Petroleum at $39-$45, and EP Energy at $69-$79.

Have a great week.


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