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Motley Fool CAPS

How does CAPS work?
An interview with David Gardner

Player Ratings

When do I get a rating?
How is my rating calculated?
What is my score?
What is my accuracy?
What is my average score per pick?
What is average pick rating?
What's that cool-looking cap on My CAPS page?

Making and Ending Picks

When can I make a pick?
Which stocks are eligible?
How many times may I rate a stock?
Is the time frame for my pick important?
What happens if my time frame expires?
Can I change my time frame?
What is a "pitch?"
What is the starting price for my pick?
When can I end a pick?
What is the ending price for my pick?
What does it mean if my pick is "pending?"
Can I change my mind on a pending pick?

Start and Close Limit Orders

What are limit orders?
Can I change my limit orders?
When are my limit orders active?
What price will my pick start/close at?
Do I need to enter limit orders for my picks?

Stock Ratings

What is a stock's CAPS rating?
How are the stock ratings calculated?
When does a stock receive a CAPS rating?

Other Player Questions

How do I add favorites?
What is an all-star and how do I become one?
What do the lucky charms represent?
What is my watchlist?
Can I communicate with another CAPS player?
How often are CAPS ratings calculated?
What is my "Stock of the Day"?
What is a "Top Pick"?

General CAPS Questions

What is the Buzz Box?
What is the Top Fool?
How are the Top Bull/Bear Pitches for a stock calculated?
What are Wall Street trackers? Who are these players with "Track" in their name?
Are Motley Fool newsletters tracked?
What are tags?
Can I suggest new tags or assign new companies to tags?
How does CAPS account for dividends?
How does CAPS handle mergers or acquisitions?
What is the small icon in the bottom of some player avatars?

Need More Help?

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