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04:15 PM EST on 02/27/20

Aramark (NYSE:ARMK)

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Current Price $35.66 Mkt Cap $9.8B
Open $38.48 P/E Ratio 28.07
Prev. Close $39.00 Div. (Yield) $0.44 (1.1%)
Daily Range $35.58 - $38.48 Volume 1,109,287
52-Wk Range $35.58 - $47.20 Avg. Daily Vol. 2,413,560


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mdriver78 (68.64)
Submitted January 22, 2020

A leading global provider of food and facilities services.It got its start in 1945 with a focus on vending machines. (In fact, the “Ara” in Aramark comes from its past as the Automated Retailers of America.)But its business grew to include services,… More

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Member Avatar mdriver78 (68.64) Submitted: 1/22/2020 10:47:19 AM : Outperform Start Price: $46.29 NYSE:ARMK Score: -13.21

A leading global provider of food and facilities services.

It got its start in 1945 with a focus on vending machines. (In fact, the “Ara” in Aramark comes from its past as the Automated Retailers of America.)

But its business grew to include services, and in 1968 it won the contract to sell concessions at the Olympic Games in Mexico City.
Today the company provides services to 89% of the Fortune 500, over 2,000 healthcare facilities and has partnerships with 149 professional and collegiate athletic teams.

It’s continuing to expand those figures, too.

Aramark recently became the new on-campus dining service provider for Georgia Tech’s 32,000 students.

The contract includes provisions for local partnerships with celebrity chefs and restaurateurs, more creative menus and renovations of dining facilities.

Those types of deals have helped Aramark increase its annual revenue seven of the past eight years.

But it’s nowhere near finished…

The Next Generation Is Here

Last year, Aramark partnered with two technology companies to introduce innovative self-serve concession kiosks at all 10 of the Major League Baseball stadiums it serves.

First, fans need to give Aramark a fingerprint that’s linked to a credit card.

Fans place items they wish to purchase on the kiosks. Cameras on the kiosk use computer vision and artificial intelligence to determine what it being bought and how much it costs.
It relies on the actual item instead of barcodes, making the process incredibly quick.

Fans use a fingerprint reader to instantly charge the items selected to the credit card on file.It’s quick and easy, allowing customers to zip through lines and get back to their seats. So folks who are afraid of missing on-field action have one less excuse to get up for some food.

And it’s just one of many reasons the company is getting a lot of attention…

Mantle Ridge LP, a fund led by activist investor Paul Hilal, bought 10% of Aramark's common stock to push for changes at the company. In all, Mantle Ridge has a 20% stake in Aramark.
Since then, Aramark named a new CEO and has appointed five new members to its board.

So it’s clear Hilal is making changes to help keep the company moving in the right direction.

Aramark also saw a huge buy in from Hound Partners LLC, a hedge fund with $4.3 billion assets under management.
It opened a position by purchasing nearly 1.4 million shares of ARMK — the fund's second biggest buy this past quarter.
That kind of action has helped boost the stock up 48% this past year, far outpacing the S&P 500.

But don’t worry, there’s still room for more.

With its new partnerships and ability to implement the latest technology into its stadiums, Aramark is set to increase its cash flow, and shares will follow.

We’ll know more when the company releases its next earnings report in just a couple of weeks.

Right now though, analysts expect ARMK to earn as much as $2.82 per share next year.

And the stock has recently been trading at 20 times its expected earnings.

But given the strong economy and growth in employment, we should see the company's growth pick up and investors should be willing to pay at least 22 times earnings.

That gives us a target of $62 — a 33% gain from its current price near $46.60.


Member Avatar AnsgarJohn (93.83) Submitted: 10/18/2019 11:13:18 AM : Outperform Start Price: $43.98 NYSE:ARMK Score: -18.67



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