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BigBand Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ:BBND.DL)

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The Company develops, markets and sells network-based platforms that enable cable operators and telephone companies to offer video, voice and data services across coaxial, fiber and copper networks.

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tenmiles (27.79)
Submitted February 25, 2010

This stock could easily be a three bagger (or a dirt bagger) - not for the widows and orphans, but likely beneficiary of Time Warner's SDV rollout; given cash position, plenty of time to get out of this one in the real world if mistaken - as a spec,… More

OklaBoston (33.34)
Submitted January 28, 2010

Stock has a sky high PE ratio, very low and shrinking insider ownership, and a rolling EPS that is at a 4 quarter low. Throw in the analysts expectations that the company will LOSE money each of the next 4 quarters, and it starts to look like a stock… More


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