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O'Charley's, Inc. (NASDAQ:CHUX)

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A leading casual dining restaurant company who owns and operates three restaurant concepts which operate under the O'Charley's, Ninety Nine Restaurants and Stoney River Legendary Steaks trade names.

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NetscribeRstrnts (93.37)
Submitted April 26, 2007

The new product offerings and new marketing & analytical approach are driving the revenues up, as is evident by 6% increase in $989.5 mn for the fiscal 2006. The company owns and operates full-service restaurant facilities under the brand names of… More

nottheSEC (74.21)
Submitted August 12, 2009

IMHO all.Just not a good symbol for a restaurant. Turned a profit this quarters yes, but warned on next 2 quarters. 6 million in cash and 134 million in debt seems a bit dicey A restaurant that last saw its heyday in the 70's. I have to thumb down… More

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Member Avatar liverless (< 20) Submitted: 2/8/2011 7:57:53 AM : Outperform Start Price: $7.72 NASDAQ:CHUX Score: -135.14

This has been a terrible restaurant stock. I want to follow it to see how they can proceed through their restructuring. They brought in a CEO during Q4, and not unexpectedly, he wrote off everything but the kitchen sink in the quarter. This seems to be a pretty common tactic when a new CEO comes in - its a way of starting off fresh. So the quarter was, of course, quite awful, but hidden in the writeoffs of 11 of their locations was this: “During the fourth quarter, we made progress in our turnaround efforts as all three restaurant concepts achieved sequential improvement in sales comparisons and record guest satisfaction scores. Same store sales growth at Ninety Nine and Stoney River accelerated from the third quarter, and same store sales comparisons at O’Charley’s improved sequentially for the second consecutive quarter." So there is some hope that the restaurant chain will turn it around.


Member Avatar getstocky (53.55) Submitted: 3/22/2010 12:36:20 PM : Outperform Start Price: $9.22 NASDAQ:CHUX Score: -183.01

Up Chuk, Up Chux, calling all dinosaurs. go go go


Member Avatar LawfordCap (31.52) Submitted: 2/20/2010 12:06:52 PM : Outperform Start Price: $8.92 NASDAQ:CHUX Score: -191.69

interesting stock
but ps is low
no data for return on equity


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ReadEmAnWeep (42.37) Score: +228.76

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ReadEmAnWeep 42.37 8/11/2009 Underperform 5Y $9.12 +7.89% +236.66% +228.76 0 Comment
billcrockett < 20 8/23/2006 Underperform 3Y $16.97 -42.00% +175.80% +217.81 0 Comment
PurpleRoyalty09 71.66 10/1/2009 Underperform 5Y $8.94 +10.07% +224.42% +214.36 0 Comment
larchme < 20 10/5/2006 Underperform 1Y $19.23 -48.84% +165.07% +213.92 0 Comment
killthebear 52.44 10/9/2008 Underperform NS $7.36 +33.70% +246.96% +213.26 1 Comment
NoMoreGoodNames 28.77 10/19/2006 Underperform 5Y $18.95 -48.08% +162.25% +210.33 0 Comment
ElCapinator 29.41 11/9/2006 Underperform NS $20.47 -51.93% +157.19% +209.12 0 Comment
ElFreeRoll 73.02 11/20/2006 Underperform 5Y $20.69 -52.43% +155.28% +207.71 0 Comment
TrendIsMyFriend < 20 12/4/2006 Underperform NS $20.69 -52.45% +154.94% +207.39 1 Comment
smfdolls 47.46 12/26/2006 Underperform 3W $20.78 -52.65% +153.93% +206.59 0 Comment

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