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Member Avatar TMFStockSpam (27.54) Submitted: 5/16/2013 4:13:42 PM : Underperform Start Price: $0.10 NASDAQ OTC:CLGZF Score: +277.70

Our New Play is: "CLGZF" Hutech21 Co., Ltd.

Hello Everyone,
The Markets are now open!! I want to get right into my Play for today..... Make sure you do your research this is just a brief overview of what today's Profiled Company does......
My New Play is: "CLGZF" Huntech21 Co., Ltd.
Current PPS: $.10
Now let's see what the company does! Below is the information I found by following this link which has a full description of what CLGZF does:
Hutech21 Co. Ltd. (CLGZF), formerly China Logistics, Inc., incorporated on December 23, 1988, specializes in logistical services for car manufacturers, car components, food assortments, chemicals, paper and machinery in China. The services cover various aspects of transportation management, including logistical planning, import and export management, electronic customs declaration systems, supply chain planning, transporting products from ports to warehouses or vice versa, organization of transportation, and storage and distribution of products.
The Company’s customers include international companies and domestic enterprises in China from various industries. Their clients from the automobile industry include Rolls Royce Automobile Accessories, Mercedes Benz Automobile Accessories, Peugeot Automobile Accessories, BMW Automobile Accessories, and Nissan Automobile Accessories. The Company’s electronic industries clients include IBM Electronics and Creator Corporation China. The Company’s chemical industries clients include Korean LG Chemical Engineering Company, French Rhodia Chemical Company, Spanish Caster Rubber Company and Korean Dongsung Chemical Co., Ltd.
International Trade, and Import and Export Management
Import and export trade, domestic distribution and purchasing solutions are provided by the Company. It has partnerships with financial institutions. These financial institutions help the Company to combine its business procedures and financial status to provide value-added business solutions for its clients. The services provided include purchasing process, services orienting towards foreign purchasers, services for domestic manufacturing purchasers, distribution process, import and export customs declaration and supply chain financing service.
Some international purchasers, who need to purchase their commodities and balance the account among several districts within the country, will more or less be restricted by the local policies, such as the leverage of foreign exchange, value-added tax, and import and export trading rights. In order to solve such inadequacies, the Company strives to improve their clients’ working efficiency and help minimize costs. It helps in minimizing costs by integrating manufacturing resources, such as purchasing, research and development, and manufacturers. The Company centers on a specific or diversified products that highlight core business. It also incorporates management of materials, information and financing.
Customs Declaration
The Company provides customs affairs trusteeship, consultations and software application solutions on customs network supervision. With regards to the supervision policies on processing trade, the Company provides declaration management strategies and computerized system for enterprises engaged in processing trade, so as to improve their management level, optimize their declaration procedures and control their declaration risks. It automatically collects data in the manufacturing management database; connects the manufacturing management system and accounting management system of the enterprises; develops customized planning that corresponds to each enterprise, and monitors and analyzes capital flow.
Warehousing and Transportation
The Company provides diversified logistics solutions. In order to construct a logistics system, the Company has established solutions with its co-partners, based on the needs of its clients. Through integration of logistics, it provides various logistics solution for its clients. Its specialties include production logistics, sales logistics and international logistics. Production logistics services include production accessories and raw material supply, vendor managed inventory, land transportation and in-factory logistics. Under sales logistics, the Company provides managerial operations, as well as delivery service for product agents, dealers and department stores, including national network transportation, management and operation in the logistics center, 3C digital product logistics, and quality inspection of clothing and textile goods. Through its staff and partnerships, the Company provides international cargo transportation that supports business expansion efforts of clients.
Hutech21 Co. Ltd Completes Reverse Merger With Prairie Oil Field Services Ltd.
Press Release: Hutech21 Co., Ltd. – Fri, May 10, 2013 4:30 PM EDT
RATHWELL, MB--(Marketwired - May 10, 2013) - Hutech21Co. Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: CLGZF) announced today that it has completed the acquisition of 100% of Prairie Oil Field Services Ltd. ("Prairie Oil Field" or "the Company"), a mining, manufacturer and distributor of crushed gravel and sand in North America. As of this transaction, Hutech21 Co. Ltd. will effectively do business as Prairie Oil Field Services Ltd., with an official corporate name change to be announced separately.
Prairie Oil Field primarily serves municipalities and commercial clients, aiding in their renovations, new construction and disaster recovery services, in South Central Canada. Darcy R. Hird, President and CEO of Prairie Oil Field, commented, "Severe flooding along the Red River in April 2011, which affected Manitoba in Canada, as well as North Dakota and Minnesota in the United States, has created strong and ongoing demand for our gravel and natural disaster services. In 2013, we continue to rebuild rural communities whose outdated infrastructure was hit the hardest. Prairie Oil Field also was awarded a number of contracts from the Government of Canada Emergency Management Response System to provide services to municipalities in Manitoba. In addition to these sales, we have a pipeline of commercial projects that will coincide with the summer construction boom."
Prairie Oil Field Services Ltd. Signs Agreement to Purchase 160-Acre Quarry to Increase and Diversify Product Line
Press Release: Hutech21 Co., Ltd. – 2 hours 14 minutes ago
RATHWELL, MB--(Marketwired - May 13, 2013) - Hutech21Co. Ltd. (PINKSHEETS: CLGZF), d.b.a. Prairie Oil Field Services Ltd. ("Prairie Oil Field" or "the Company"), a mining, manufacturer and distributor of crushed gravel and sand materials in North America, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire a 160-acre quarry in Manitoba. The quarry will provide Prairie Oil Field with new opportunities to expand its existing quantities of crushed gravel, as well as begin mining and marketing a more diversified product line, including shale and stone specialty products. The all-cash transaction is expected to be non-dilutive to shareholders and close within 30 days.
"This acquisition supports our anticipated growth as we enter the busy Spring/Summer construction season," said Darcy Hird, President and CEO of Prairie Oil Field. "Applications and demand for Prairie Oil Field's specialized expertise in mining gravel will be expanded by this acquisition. The quarry will immediately increase our inventories of crushed gravel, and enable us to produce a wide variety of stone and shale materials. We plan to purchase a screener for the quarry, which will enable us to begin offering higher-margin, specialty stone and other products and further diversify our revenue streams."
There you have it!! Get CLGZF on your Radar NOW!!
Please sign up for my FREE Text Message list. Almost always e-mails take long to be received and when I send out my 9:30-9:32AM EST play's they start flying super fast! So in order for everyone to get these play's at EXACTLY the time I release them, you need to be a text message subscriber! It's really easy to become a member: Just grab your cellphone and Text the word "Stocks" to "96362" (standard text messaging rates may apply).
Also don't forget to bookmark in order to see my MONSTER Alert's!!
Also always remember that every single alert I send is very volatile and risky. Any one of them could turn into a big loser. In my personal opinion, no matter how much potential any company has, 99% of the time all that matters is HOW THE STOCK TRADES. If a stock doesn’t trade well, nothing else matters. Don’t believe the hype. Be sure to use a tight stop, book profits quickly on these volatile trades, never let any one trade move too far against you, watch out for gaps, make sure the stock is trading in a healthy way before you enter, and monitor it closely to make sure momentum is positive. It’s always safest to book profits quickly, even on alerts with long-term potential. (Amateur biased unlicensed opinions)
Thank you,
Rafael, A.K.A StockMister
Important Notice & Disclaimer
*Never invest in a stock mentioned by unless you can afford to lose your entire investment.
Release of Liability: Through use of this website viewing or using you agree to hold, its operators owners and employees harmless and to completely release them from any and all liability due to any and all loss (monetary or otherwise), damage (monetary or otherwise), or injury (monetary or otherwise) that you may suffer. The information contained herein is based on sources which we believe to be reliable but is not guaranteed by us as being accurate and does not purport to be a complete statement or summary of the available da


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